Integrators and software developers for Biometric identification terminals.

We develop tailored software, we are your solution provider.

Fingerprint Identification Software

Biometrics Security LLC offers the software you need. Our multimodal biometric fingerprint and palm print software are proven recognition technologies on thousands of devices with a friendly and user-friendly interface. We can guarantee that no matter what type of biometric recognition device you manufacture, we are always capable of developing a customized system that perfectly manages your devices from different platforms.

Iris Scanning Software

Built on an open architecture, Biometrics Security LLC offers a wide range of biometric identity management solutions with Iris scanning. This gives you the freedom to choose exactly what components your organization needs in order to develop the perfect critical access identity management solution.

Face Recognition Software

For large-scale, easy-to-integrate biometric facial recognition identity management, we are your best cost / benefit alternative. Biometrics Security offers solutions at an excellent cost that integrates your devices with any network independent of the programming language. We use high performance protocols for multimodal biometric systems. Our solutions allow speed, security and ease of use.