Identification and authentication of people

Multi Biometric

The solution supports fingerprint, face, iris and palm print biometric modalities.

Access Control

Role-based access control as well as standard authentication mechanisms.

Easy Integration

We have developed everything for easy and quick integration with third-party systems.

What is Biometric Security Authentication?

Biometrics Security LLC offers the software you need. Our multimodal  biometric fingerprint and palm print software are proven recognition technologies on thousands of devices with a friendly and user-friendly interface. Digital technology and cyber crime as identity theft has been increasing with the low cost of the new technology. This means that many companies are implementing biometric data protection systems. Biometrics is the best way to identify and authenticate people. This is a reliable and fast method that uses unique biological characteristics. Biometric authentication is the process of comparing data for the person’s characteristics with that person’s biometric “template” to determine similarity.  In we have a tailored made for your company, contact our  distributors in the United States.  Read more here >>

Quick and Accurate

Passwords and codes for secure access are quite simple. Anyone with a card or pass can access. Biometric security technologies are biological passwords that cannot be tampered with.  Iris or face recognition is the easiest way to ensure security, because scanning is quick and easy.

Accountability at its Best

The availability of information about the movements of employees increases the security of the company. In case of any situation, there is a confirmation supported by data. Data is easily analyzed and provided as needed.

Convenience its a key

A key advantage of a biometric verification system is convenience. No need to reset and save passwords. After the biometric test is activated, all the fingerprints, iris and face recognition are done and is ready to go!

User Friendly

Management, configuration and even analysis of biometric verification are most convenient for the user. They provide technological and accurate results with minimal intervention.

Security and Profitability

Once the biometric verification system is integrated, there is no need to invest in additional capital. These systems are critical to preventing Ioss due to fraud and iIIegaI entries. This alone saves money and leads to profitability.

Biometrics is becoming a key element of security infrastructure and multi-factor authentication. Providing quick and easy verification, audit logs and analysis. These systems are needed as the industry continues to scale and becomes more complex.

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Jose Martinez

CEO, Biometric Security

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We are here for offer best Security

The risks are real, but biometric technology still offers very compelling security solutions because the systems are convenient and difficult to duplicate.
It is an asset for storing and processing information, a powerful combination of biometrics and passwords with hardware encryption provides reliable data protection.

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Biometrics Security tailored for your Company

The Automated Biometric Security Identification Software leverages market-leading technology that is recognized by system integrators and solution providers who demand a large-scale, easy to integrate, standard-compliant and high-performance biometric identity management solution for a biometric multimodal system.

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